Service for sending ANONYMOUS SMS - TEXT MESSAGE to make a joke, a surprise, a declaration of love, to test the fidelity of your husband and wife, to denounce... To send an SMS anonymously without the sender name or the phone number.

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Hi, I had a hard time getting your number but I got it :-) I flashed on you and I would like to meet you, it seems to me that you are single <3 I saw you earlier, I think you know who I am ... ...
By Anonymous

Anonymous SMS with response

You will be able to communicate with our secret numbers in a totally classic way since we offer our clients the possibility to receive and read the answers of your interlocutor. The transfer of the answers is done either by email or on your phone, without extra cost and always in discretion. Our services work with most countries around the world.

Discretion of your message is guaranteed

Need to send an incognito sms to someone ? With, we offer to send sms anonymously to any number. No registration is required and we provide classic and independent phone numbers. In addition to guaranteeing your anonymity, our texting system is encrypted from end to end.

Send anonymous MMS (at no extra cost)

In addition to being able to send messages anonymously, we also offer the possibility of attaching a photo that will be transmitted as an anonymous mms. This additional feature is free of charge and works with all countries around the world. As with sms, we remove these photos from our database to ensure your discretion.

AnonymousSMS is the only site in the world to offer the sending of anonymous SMS and MMS to USA, Canada and United Kingdom including Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Northen Ireland and all over the world ! Thanks to a reliable and secure technology, we are able to guarantee a complete anonymity to our users as well as the possibility to receive the recipient's reply to the message sent. Search, you won't find better elsewhere !

Send an anonymous message in a few clicks

You want to contact someone by SMS while remaining discreet ? We have developed this site to allow you to send an anonymous text message to anyone in the USA or UK or abroad. In only three clicks, you can send an anonymous sms message instantaneously since our services are running permanently all week long 24 hours a day. With this SMS, it is possible to attach a free photo that will be converted into a MMS so that your interlocutor can see it. Our service works with any type of United Kingdom, United States or foreign number. The only limit is the size of the text which must not exceed 160 characters to be read by any type of cell phone.

Anonymous and secure text

By not asking you any personal information in order to send sms, our service guarantees you the most total anonymity. No information about you or even your IP address is registered during your visit. Your messages are transmitted in an encrypted way to our servers and are deleted from our database after several days. The development and maintenance of our servers in order to offer a secure technology as well as the cost of sending SMS do not allow us to offer free anonymous SMS. In order to offer you a quality service, we are thus forced to charge a fee of 1.99$ for each message sent.

Anonymous SMS with answer

Many customers were asking for the addition of this feature. After several months of development, we finally succeeded in developing a system for tracking the messages sent. Thus, we are one of the only sites in England to allow to send anonymous sms and receive the answer of your interlocutor. To receive the recipient's reply, you just have to check the corresponding box and fill in your email address or phone number so that we can send you the messages in reply to your SMS. Of course, your interlocutor will not be able to know to whom the answer is transmitted, your anonymity is guaranteed. This feature is not mandatory and is free of charge. No additional cost will be asked for the transfer of the answers, even if there are several.

Send an anonymous MMS

In addition to being able to send a sms anonymously, AnonymousSMS allows you to attach a picture to your sms. Your recipient will then receive the photo as a MMS. Our image conversion technology will ensure that it can be read on any type of cell phone, even older ones. This feature is offered free of charge. You can attach only one photo to each SMS and it must not exceed 5 MB of storage so that it can be read on all phones. The photo will be sent with the same anonymous number.

Is it possible to send a masked SMS ?

With a standard phone number accessible to the general public, it is not possible to send hidden sms. This feature is only available to professionals, often in advertising, and is extremely expensive. Thanks to our large network of numbers combined with our encryption technologies, we are able with this site to offer you to send anonymous sms with a standard phone number in +44 or +1 (for United Kingdom or USA) so as not to appear suspicious to your speaker. For other countries, the prefix of the sending number will also correspond to that of the destination country. Our service works with all types of cell phones, both old and iPhone and smartphones under Android.

Test loyalty by sms or make a joke

Making jokes on the phone is no longer possible today because it is easily possible to find the number behind a hidden call. But with our anonymous text messaging solution, we guarantee complete anonymity to our customers. You are free to use our services for any purpose (as long as it does not violate the law in your country). Thus, it may be interesting to use our services to test the loyalty of a man or a woman by pretending to be a beautiful girl (or a beautiful boy). Your partner will then have no way to know who is behind this number and seeing a classic phone number, will think that the proposal is serious. Still in the sentimental side, you can also declare your feelings to someone by using our services. In a slightly lighter register, why not make a joke to your best buddy pretending to be an old conquest who got pregnant ? Or pretend to be a very sexy babe who saw him on the university benches ? Our solution can also suit you from a commercial point of view. For example, if you want to communicate with customers or answer an ad while protecting your anonymity and avoid being harassed with calls. With AnonymousSMS, all uses are possible!

What are our guarantees ?

We are constantly working to offer you a complete and functional service. Each message sent from our site is immediately transferred to the phone networks which, depending on the recipient's operator, will be received between a few seconds and a few minutes. The forwarding of your recipient's answers to your email address or phone number is done in a few seconds. In addition to the speed of our service, we also insist on the anonymity of our users by offering the sending of anonymous sms without registration. Our network of numbers is also protected and secured in order to secure all your exchanges. Finally, our price for sending anonymous sms at 1.99$ is unique. No matter the country of destination of the text message, whether it is addressed to an USA or UK number or to the other side of the world, the cost is the same for everyone. On top of that, you can add a photo to the message for free.

Send anonymous SMS anywhere in the world

It is possible to communicate with Australia and English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa or the United States. Our service is for users from all over the world. You can also send a secret message to French, Belgian, Swiss, Luxembourg or European countries such as Germany, Spain, the Netherlands or Italy among others. But that's not all, we also allow you to send anonymous text messages to the Maghreb, including Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania and Africa to numbers in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Central African Republic and Senegal. The Middle East and the Near East are not forgotten, we propose sending text messages to Lebanon, Turkey or Israel for example. Finally, Russia and some South American countries like Argentina or Brazil are included. If you would like us to add new destinations, please let us know by email in the contact page.

What is the price and how to pay ?

To send an anonymous sms message using our application and website, the price is 1.99$ per message. All options such as sending anonymous mms, scheduling the message or receiving the reply are free of charge. Regarding the payment, two solutions are offered to you, namely Paypal and Credit Card via our provider Stripe. If you are a large customer and wish to send a large volume of messages, do not hesitate to contact us by email in order to negotiate in batch.